These stormy seas came between my love and I


What’s your name?


Will you post a picture of yourself?

Click Here

Where do you live?

Florida, USA

Is this your personal blog?

Somewhat. Here is my “personal” blog. 

Your URL is Andrew Bird, right?

Yes, somewhat. I have a blood disorder that causes me to faint and black out occasionally. Therefore when I was younger, my mother would tell me all I had was a bad case of ‘fits and dizzyspells’ to make me less scared. And when I heard the song I loved it and the title fits nicely for my URL.

Why “These stormy seas came between my love and I.”  on your blog?

I have a coffee mug and it’s my absolute favorite and on the inside rim it says that. I just love that phrase. I know it’s incorrect grammar, however, I do not wish to tamper with the original phrase from my cup.

Where’s your icon from?


What’s your Flickr?


Where can I get your theme?

It’s not available for everyone, I’m sorry!

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